speaking Los Angeles as Experiential Design SEGD WAYFINDING & PLACEMAKING CONFERENCE, JULY 2018
speaking Strategy & Typography LA IS JUST MY TYPE, FEBRUARY 2018
speaking Strategic Design Solutions BRILLIANT MINDS, JANUARY 2018
speaking Experiential Typography LESSONS FOR PRINT, MOTION, WEB & WAYFINDING DESIGN, JUNE 2017
speaking How I Learned to Hate Comic Sans A Little Less LA IS JUST MY TYPE, FEBRUARY 2017
speaking Designing an Engaging User Experience WICHITA DESIGN WEEK, SEPTEMBER 2016
webinar The Government Controls Your Type TYPOGRAPHY DOJO, SEPTEMBER 2016
speaking The Government Controls Your Type LA IS JUST MY TYPE, NOVEMBER 2015
online About That Mannequin in the Gallery SEPTEMBER 2013
online Julie Beeler JANUARY 2013
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